Wellness Screening Program

Here in QHC, we provide “Executive Screening Programme” which conducted by our Physician or Cardiologist who will personally run through a series of medical tests to determine your status of health.  Our Physician or Cardiologist will discuss the results of the ESP with you. 

Good health is very important for a busy executive like you.  It is advisable that you go for regular screening as it’s an important step in preventing heart disease. Our Executive Screening Programme is designed to detect early symptoms of Heart Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Gout and Respiratory Disease.  Men above 35 years old and women over 40 should have their health checked yearly, or more frequently, if they have risk factors. A comprehensive medical report will be compiled into a folder and given to the client.

Preparation for this programme

Please wear loose fitting outfit and sports attire.

Be in jogging shoes

Have a light meal at least 2 hours before   stress test Should you be on any medication, please bring them along and inform the Coordinators before the screening. 

Wellness Program

GSP – General Screening Package      RM 250.00

CSP (M) – Comprehensive Screening Package Male RM500.00

CSP (F) – Comprehensive Screening Package FemaleRM700.00

ESP (M) – Executive Screening Programme Male RM 1000.00

ESP (F) – Executive Screening Programme Female RM 1200.00


Add-Ons Available:-

Dental Screening and Scaling RM 100.00

Cancer markers screening

Male RM 350.00

Female  RM 400.00

Gastroscopy Screening Programme RM 1200.00

Colonoscopy Screening Programme  RM 1800.00


*Executive Screening programme is consulted with the Specialist consultation at the Physician Clinic.

**Gastro & Colonoscopy Packages for screening as “add-on” only is priced cheaper than normal charges.