How to write Discussion Essay

The above mentioned essay examines two different aspects of a topic as well as the conclusion of the side preferred by the writer. Discussion essay argue for or against an idea and can also cover the disadvantage and advantage of something. Discussions differ from persuasion since two sides for and against an idea are presented in a balanced manner and is not one sided like the latter. Before including a conclusion, which has the opinion of the writer about the idea, both opposing sides must be clearly discussed. Discussion essays are well put when the writer narrows down on a main idea so that the facts for and against are as clear and concrete information based on accurate research on the topic, on the least the topic chosen should be of interest to the intended audience.
The introduction paragraph presents to the reader the idea to be discussed followed by a brief background information about the topic in question. All aspects relating to the topic are stated in this paragraph. Then follows the mention of the opposing sides making sure there is a balance, the argument for must not weigh over the arguments against otherwise it will be clear to the reader the side preferred by the writer before getting to the conclusion.

After the introduction, the writer discusses each argument independently without partiality and with enough evidence to support the argument. One should not mix the positive with the negative arguments but discuss one side followed by the other. The arguments can be placed in order of importance starting with the strongest arguments so that by the time the reader is almost done, they are convinced of the particular side of argument.
The conclusion includes a summary of the work and the recommendation or the stand of the writer on the topic. The topic in discussion is rephrased including a highlight of the opposing sides sighting which side holds more water as a recommendation as well as the opinion of the writer as far as that idea is concerned. In the conclusion no new ideas should be introduced it has to be what the reader has read in the introduction and development paragraphs.